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How it works for the Motorist

By John Smith posted July 20, 2016


It's fast and easy

First we get you to sign up and provide us with details of your vehicle and how to contact you if you are caught committing a parking offence. We also get you to lodge a refundable security deposit to instantly avoid being clamped. Signup can be done online, via post or over the phone.


Unique to you and your vehicle

We send you your personal CLAMP STOP pack which includes two security stickers that you fit to the inside of your wind screen and rear window.

Now your vehicle is covered. 


We all make mistakes!

In the event that you get caught for a parking violation. The enforcement officer will electronically impose a small fine for the offence rather than have your vehicle clamped. At the same time you will be informed via SMS and email.


Knowledge is power

At the same time as the fine is imposed you get informed by text message. The message will also provide details of the nature of the offence and the time and location of the enforcement fine.

So now you know the problem, time to take action!


Time to get out of trouble

Return to your vehicle within 1 hour of the fine notice and move it so it's no longer in violation. If you fail to attend to your vehicle you may in some cases get fined again. Or worse still, if you are causing an obstruction you may get clamped or towed away.


Phew! That was close.

So that's it plain and simple! We want you to stay CLAMP FREE and park legally. Its better for all of us, but at least you have the peace of mind that CLAMP STOP is there to protect you from the dreaded clampers!

Happy motoring for the future.

How it works for the Authority

We simplify enforcement allowing greater reach and a more effective outcome. 

Cloud Based

No software required

Our service is cloud based and therefore requires no software download or maintenance. Our secure management dashboard login is provided for access to fine records and payments. Also to manage, add or subtract your traffic enforcement officers.

Simple to use

Minimum training

For the enforcement officer CLAMPSTOP is extremely easy to use. They simply scan the unique tag displayed on the vehicle windscreen, login and follow the simple instructions to impose a fine. A series of short training videos are available.

No special hardware

Smart phone based

Unlike other bespoke solutions, CLAMPSTOP requires no special custom hardware. Our system can be operated on any android smart phone plus and latest range of iPhone products.

Simple to use and to operate. 

Unified data

All data available

Our data capture capability allows additional evidence to be collected at the time of enforcement. Time and geo location are automatically tagged and photographic evidence can also be added where required to improve enforcement outcome. 

Highly secure

Fully encripted

CLAMPSTOP uses the latest encryption technology at all levels in our system. In addition our secure payments partner is world recognised for its high security standards. Also our unique enforcement system works for all parking violations.

Imediate payment

Turn fines into profits

It's all about the bottom line! A better and more cost effective enforcement solution for the authority, where fine revenue is paid within seconds of the citation being issued. Without the added high cost of a clamping service provider.

Contact us for a demonstration

If you are a Parking Authority and would like to see a demonstration of our solution please get in touch using the form below.